Award Nominations

Nominations Accepted from
April 1st through July 1st

2021 Award Guidelines & Application

A nominee for the Fernando Award should clearly be making a difference in the greater San Fernando Valley through significant volunteer leadership with civic organizations, programs and or critical social and community causes. The nominee should have a solid and consistent history of volunteerism that is helping residents of the San Fernando Valley and or has brought about positive social change.

General Nomination Guidelines

  1. A nominee may live or work outside of the greater San Fernando Valley, however, the majority of the nominee’s volunteer activities should be within the greater San Fernando Valley.
  2. For purposes of the Fernando Award, the greater San Fernando Valley is geographically defined as west through Hidden Hills, east through Glendale, stops before Santa Clarita/Valencia in the north, and stops to the south of Mulholland Dr.
  3. Current or former public officials, staffers, current candidates for public office, members of the Fernando Award Foundation board of directors, employees and consultants paid by Fernando and past recipients are not eligible for nomination.
  4. A nominee who has been a finalist for two (2) consecutive years must wait for one (1) year before being nominated again. Individuals who were selected as a finalist in both 2018 and 2019 can be considered in the 2022 awards program.
  5. Nominees who have submitted a nomination application in the past must submit a new application in 2021.
  6. Nominees who perform community service as a requirement of an employer will be considered. Nominees who are in this situation should highlight community service work that goes beyond the requirements of employer expectations.
  7. Nominees cannot self-promote or have others promote their candidacy on their behalf. Should proof of promotion be identified, the nominee will be disqualified.
  8. Nominees must have two nominators. Individuals may be nominated by two community organizations, two individuals or one organization plus one individual.
  9. There are no requirements for the number of years of volunteer service to be nominated, however, past Fernando award recipients and finalists typically have several years of consistent and impactful volunteer service in the greater San Fernando region.
  10. The 2021 nomination application process will be automated on Fernando’s web site. Only applications received through the web site can be considered as a Fernando finalist.

General Nomination Timeline – 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, expected to continue in 2021, some of the dates in this time line may shift. We will update this time line if dates change so please check back on the Fernando web site from time to time.

April 1st through July 1st
Nomination applications available at Only applications submitted through the web site will be considered.

Nominations close on July 1st. A “finalist selection committee” will be formed. The primary purpose of this committee is to review the nominee award applications and to identify five (5) award finalists. The 2021 committee chair is Mark Levinson (Fernando board member and 2015 Fernando recipient.) Committee members include Fernando board members and community and business leaders.

The five (5) Fernando Award finalists announced.

Ballots to vote for the 2021 Fernando Award recipient are distributed to all Fernando partners, patrons, benefactors, board members and past recipients. This confidential process will be conducted online with secure passwords and authorizations. The ballots are returned and tabulated by Anderson Satuloff Machado & Mendelsohn CPAs. The name of the Fernando recipient is kept secret until the evening of the awards event.

November 5, 2021
The 63rd Annual Fernando Award Foundation gala program and dinner is scheduled on Friday, November 5th at the Skirball Cultural Center from 6:30 PM until 9:30 PM. Event sponsorships are available from $1,600 – $5,000 and individual tickets are $175 each. For more information, please contact Pegi Matsuda at or David Honda at

Before Submitting the Nomination Application

Due to detail of nominee information requested, it is expected that the nominee will actually complete the application. The nominee should indicate the individual(s) or organization who is the nominator. For organizations, please indicate both the name of the organization and the organization’s primary contact person. All nominations will be acknowledged and all nominators will be contacted for nominator confirmation.

Should you need assistance in submitting the nomination application, you may contact Mark Levinson, Finalist Selection Committee Chair, Fernando Board Member and 2015 Fernando Recipient. Mark can be reached via email at You may also contact Pegi Matsuda, Fernando board member and Gala Award Dinner Chair at or Fran Kerzner at